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Battery conversion? Answered

I have a rc helicopter and the controler uses 6X aa batterys. I thought that it would be cheaper to use a 9 volt battery instead. Would it damage my remote? Also Would this affect battery life and if so by how much?


A aa has an Amp rating of 2 whereas a 9V has only 1, it should work but not for as long.

What if I was to use 2 nine volt batterys and put a regulator on. Would that work?

Just two in parallel and there should be no need for a regulator.

It should but I can't give a guaranty just try it and find out, start with one then go to two if it still doesn't work add another (but don't over do it).
It can be a bit hard to say with these things without knowing how much power the controller is going to draw.

For a standard 600mAhr 9V alkaline, you'll get about 1/5 to 1/4 of the run time that the AA batteries will provide.

Voltage would be fine, amperage would not. It MIGHT work for a little while, but would as said before not work very long.

A decent rechargeable AA has nonrechargers beat, at 2.9Ahr or better.


If you mean a square 9 volt it most likely won't work as they won't supply enough current. At best battery life will be VERY short.