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Battery of Playbook? How to save it? Answered

Just bought a BlackBerry PlayBook from Bell Canada...very satisfied with the multitask...I use it for chatting, surfing and video watching. That's why I had to recharge it every day! Do you have any tips to save the battery? thanks!?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Here are some tips:

> Less video watching
> Turn off WiFi when not in use
> Turn off Bluetooth when not in use
> Perform a deep-cycle charge (Let the battery die and charge it to 100) once a month
> Turn down screen brightness

Mostly good points. Though lithium batteries, unlike earlier technologies, are actually pretty happy with being continuously kept at the top of their charge.

Put it in a jar, in a box, in a cellar.


The video watching is probably burning more power than anything else.

The way you use less power is to ... um... USE less power.