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Battery over ride for electric start on Propane Furnace Answered

I would like to create a battery override for the starter on my propane furnace. We've lost power a few times during some of the major storms. If I could backup the electric starter on the furnace with a battery backup, I could still have heat during any loss of power.


should have a pilot light that stays lit. But without electricity you cant power the blower to push the hot air through the house.


2 years ago

Did you ever figure this out? I have ventless rinnai heater ...also need a back up battery system for mine


4 years ago

Is it a forced-air system? They usually have hefty AC fans, so a generator would be needed to run 'em. Otherwise they can't move the heat where you want it. That fan also keeps the "guts" of the furnace running at a safe and efficient temp.

Other propane systems (like the ventless convection heater I'm going to replace this weekend in my in-laws basement) don't need any electric power--other than the internal piezo starter.