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Battle field 2:modern combat for ps2 Answered

Does anyone have a battlefield 2:modern combat for ps2 online account?If you do than leave a comment for everyone else to see. My account name is Alpha95 spellt exacaly like that. knex htr htr.OUTTTT


i can,t get online.server been down for 3 days.sucks cause i wanna play,my name is stick_it_nya online.maybe they fix it soon.it is my favorite game.

i am playing bf2 right now online.. i want to know how to start a clan?? I've been playing online since xmas(its jan 17th/08 today), and it seems like noone fights together against the other guys... everyone wants to fight on their own independantly most of the time.. i like to fight alongside my comrads against the other guys.. thanku in advance in any help u can give me on this and starting up a clan myself..

well,what is your account name,i am starting a clan,i also have a freind who plays,and ill teach u both

re my last post.. its Battlefield 2, ps2 online...

yes can you guess It, I'll try to get on later tonight

I'm gunna reply again, I think I'll start a Inst. clan then we can all make new accounts