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"Battle of the Best" Semi Auto Blowback Pistol Contest! Answered

Blue Mullet is proud to present his first knex contest! It will consist of only blowback semi automatic pistol variants. Players will compete in using my mechanism to create a Pistol modeled after a real life firearm, a Desert Eagle, Glock, Sig ETC. Any projects entered in must be in working condition, blowback and all.
Step 1) You must build the Semi Automatic Blowback Pistol and take a picture of it on the Instructable. *Not Here*
Step 2) PM This account stating that you'd like to enter the contest, make sure to state what your pistol will be modeled after and your age.
When these steps are completed and I see that you have built the gun, I will PM you back saying that you made it.
CURRENT BUILDERS IN CONTEST: (AT LEAST 6 people need to be in the contest or it will be shut down. Unlimited can enter.)
Step 1) PM this account stating that you'd like to be a judge. I will put you on the judge pre-list.
Step 2) People *entered or not entered in the contest* will take one vote on who they want to be judge. The top three voted for people will be judges.
JUDGES PRE LIST: (Only SIX can be entered in the judges Pre-list slots MAXIMUM).
RULES FOR BUILDERS: (Once you enter you will be staying in the contest, no backing out.)
1) There will not be any help from any other people on the sight. You are on your own.
2) Any cheating will get you kicked out of the contest.
3) You are NOT able to take anybody else's creations to add on your gun.
4) You are NOT allowed to ask for any help AT ALL.
5) You are ONLY ALLOWED to enter ONE pistol in the contest (So make it your best).
6) You are allowed to post pictures of your pistol to get peoples (The judges) attention.
7) You are NOT allowed to ask or beg at the Judges to put your pistol in first!
9) The contest will go from Sun, jun 23 until July 7th. Thats two weeks.
RULES & ACCESSIBILITY FOR JUDGES: (Once you enter the judges slot there will no backing out).
1) A judge can change, add or remove builders rules if the three other judges also agree.
2) A judge can kick a player out of the contest if they are caught cheating.
3) A judge can NOT help builders whatsoever.
4) A judge can accept PM messages asking to enter the contest.
5) A judge can extend or decrease the time limit if all other judges agree.
6) A judge can not and will not boss any builder around.
7) If a judge helps a builder or if the builder tells the judge to vote for their pistol will result in both the builder and judge getting kicked out of the contest.
8) A judge can NOT enter the contest as both a builder and a judge.
9) The Judge can NOT enter in their pistol (If they build one).
10) During the Pre-list the pre-judge can ask other people to vote for them in becoming a judge.
11) A judge can change the prizes if all three agree.
1st place winner: Three patches, two subscriptions, and gets to choose what I build next.
2nd place winner: Two, patches, one subscription.
3rd place winner: One patch.
When you'd like to vote for your Judge please PM this account, Blue Mullet. Not Blue Mullet 2.
If you'd like to enter the builders position, follow the steps under "HOW TO ENTER BUILDING CONTEST"
Any spam in comment section will be removed.
More information coming soon!



5 years ago

I'm sorry, just not a model builder. I will modify it somehow though. Although I must say this gun is awesome to shoot. It does exactly what I was trying to make the reflex do, just far better.

I've built it but am kind of iffy on recommending becauce it fires on the trigger releasing instead of on the trigger pull so.... yeah its ok i'll say that but.....

ermagod cannot believe this I posted before I should have built it the rebuilt and now it works the JohnnyBGoods says it does just forget that other comment

Well to see and feel this gun function is awesome. I haven't used glue yet, still deciding that, since I haven't hit the range that Blue Mullet got (because of the glue) I still am not sure whether to recommend it.

I must say though, just seeing a feeling this thing working is awesome! Spoiler: the entire gun mainly consists of a slide that you pull back and is lurched forward by the rubberbands. It feel alot like a realistic recoil. (Not that I would know what that feels like my parents are anti-gun).

So in a way, I recommend it. If you want performance without the glue, maybe not.
By the way Blue Mullet I hope I'm not offending you. I do enjoy the function of this gun.

I guess it sounds cool, but I doubt that I will build it anytime soon. Your parents are anti-gun? What about you? How do you feel about firearm rights?

I have one question about the gun, does it fire when you let go of the trigger? If so, then it is definitely not amazing.

My parents were anti-gun, my bad. They're alittle over it now after I got my first nerf gun when I was 10. I don't plan to own a gun, but I beleive that people have the right to carry them; given they have a background check and what not.

Anyway the gun trigger is true semi auto, every pull equals one shot. The ramrod goes back and then foreward when the trigger reaches the farthest point. Not an enigma trigger here.

Oh, O.K. I am of the opinion that everybody that is eligible should own a firearm. It is a God given right, and Obama is trying to mar that.

O.K, the gun is truly semi-auto? So ever time you pull the trigger, it fires and all you have to do is let go and pull the trigger again to fire another round?

True blue semi-auto. Everytime you pull the trigger you fire a shot. Releasing the trigger has nothing to do with the shooting except to be repositioned so you can do it again.


Reply 5 years ago

hmmmm...Well my ram is only being pushed back by one rubberband right now. But if I add more the trigger mech fails, but I'm not using glue. I plan too eventually but the contest is rapidly approaching and I need the parts. But I'd prefer I help you get yours working. If you have the bands placed like the blue mullet, it may not be releasing the ram properly. Try puting less elastics on the back part and put more on the front end.

Blue Mullet

Reply 5 years ago

Nah. I feel like i like it more. But im not moving to one. I will continue to do both.

I don't know. I have not started to build your gun yet, as the idea of using super-glue has deterred me. As to being a judge, I would be happy to help, as long as you need me.

Blue MulletTheAwesomestDude

Reply 5 years ago

Thinking about it. If your interested in the pistol contest then give it a go!

Ah, bro, you've made entering the contest too hard. NOBODY will want to read all of those rules. I don't know if I am going to enter, nor do I think that I will ask to be a judge either. I have not decided on either point yet. With that being said, I am willing to help you in ANY way necessary, as I don't want your contest to fail like mine did.

Nah. Its fun to type and I felt like typing. People should just take the time and read it. If nobody enters then whatever. Im actually thinking about moving to YT. I like it better.