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Battlefield 2 Problems? Answered

I'm having problems with battlefield 2, whenever I try and Play the game the screen goes black like its going to load, but then it goes back to the desktop.
The version of the game is 1.5
AMD Phenom II x2 black edition processor, 3.1ghz
nvidia GeForce 9800 GT
2gb DDR2 RAM
mother board: asrock A780GMH/128M
running Windows 7 Ultimate



Best Answer 7 years ago

I FIGURED IT OUT!!! Ok not really my brother did, the problem was that my monitor only supports 75 hertz battle field 2 defaults to 60 hertz


7 years ago

sorry I took forever to respond, I tried everything it still doesn't work, BF2 hates windows 7. although the weird thing was that it was working before, then one day it just stopped working, and I didn't do any hardware changes.

check your control panel for 'event viewer' to see if it generated any system errors - they might lead to you the culprit.

In the meantime, running the game in 'safe mode' to make sure the driver settings are correct (like resolution, etc) might help

Try reinstalling the game and/or your video drivers.

thanks, I looked at the event viewer and I came up with something about audiodg.exe maybe I'll try and get the latest audio drivers

Last ditch effort try the safe mode and see if the game console can change the audio settings - something's goofy.
**also try the NOT latest audio drivers - that might be the problem. Try an older revision.

I'll try that thanks

I already have the latest audio drivers
I reinstalled the game.
I'll try the video drivers

By the way, I just reinstalled windows and the game.