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Battlefield 3 Answered

Im looking forward to BF3!

Is anyone else?  And what would you like to see in it?

It'll be on PS3,Xbox,PC

Also looking forward to MW3 ;)



Never played any battlefield games. Are they worth playing?

They're awesome.
You can drive a jeep, a tank, an f-18 hornet, a ah-w cobra, a LAV-25...
There are big maps with lots of weapons like the F2000 and the M16A3

Battlefield is definetly worth playing. The Frostbite 2 game engine works great, multiplayer never gets dull, Campaign is okay and finally the multiplayer maps are about the size of 3 Modern Warfare maps, with a nice blend of sniping, vechicle and close quarter combat. Battlefield 2, despite the fun campaign, it has rather dull graphics and the only reason I got it was because Origin offered me a free copy.

They are a slower paced tactical FPS.

You have "Medic,assualt,engineer and sniper."

If you like fast-paced its not for you.

I like slower paced. When and if I get an xbox I will consider getting it :D

ok not BF3 but MW3!!!
Finally a Modern Warfare with zombies!

Me too, Mega. I will be playing it on Playstation 3. You too? Maybe play together?

2 September release?