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Bazaar Bizarre Review Answered

Bazaar Bizarre was a raging success.
The vendors were tightly grouped and the crowd was packed.
Though much of what I saw there was the same as last year, a couple things stood out:

Brilliant. Everyone was stuffing their faces with the lusciousness that Sugar Beat Sweets had to offer for a mere 3 bucks a delight.

The standout by far for me this year was Magnote, offering kick-ass paper craft robots called PIPEROIDs. Hells yeah I wanna make an awesome paper robot!!!
Each robot is made just from six paper pipes. The pipes are pre-drilled with holes, and all you need is a pair of scissors to cut the pipes according to the instructions.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, Magnote was mostly sold out of *everything* by the time I got there at 2. Sucks to be me and sleep in on a Sunday. Of course, you can find it all on the interwebs.

I also missed the Postcard Machine this year. Perhaps it did not make an appearance? Fortunately, I ran into it earlier this year at some other giant craft-thingy. Viva la Postcard Machine!

All in all, I give this year's Bazaar Bizarre an A. Great turn-out, mostly high-quality crafts, very impressive jewelry (check out breidenstein design's hinged rings. *Loving it!*)

So if you're in Boston or Cleveland, it's coming your way. Take note -- this fair is not to be missed.

  • Insider tip: if you missed the fair on Sunday, scope the blog for more info on the Underground Bazaar coming soon!

And for more opportunities to show your wares, check out Langton Lab's Deceminate! call for artists.


Those piperoids are awesome.

I have to say, theydo look pretty sweet. I may go to a boston one....?

Thanks all for your comments and sharing the excitement of PIPEROID with us. I am working with the PIPEROID designer to help promote this item in the US. We won't be at Boston or Cleveland, but we are currently finalizing details to be back in SF at the LAUNCH show on Dec 14. Also you can order them online at our website at magnote.com and it will ship in about 5-10 business days. Also, keep checking our website for new model releases coming in the next month or so!

Cool.... I wish I could go to SF. However that costs way too much money. *le sigh*

The mantis one reminds me of a hydralisk! (Starcraft, anyone?)

I actually have to pay for a printed piece of paper? how about some FREE samples?

You don't. It just so happens that the Piperoids are so awesome.
Much more original and easier to put together than anything I've seen out there so far. I just LOVE the character these have.
But, since you asked. . . scope Paper Robots 1999 to make your own Optimus Prime for free.