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Bearded Dragon Pellets Answered

- Is there a place that sells White bearded dragon food pellets?
- Is there a way to Safely Whiten or bleach bearded dragon food pellets
- Why does my beardie love the color white and hate the color red?

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Rep-Cal maintenance formula or Zoo Med natural adult bearded dragon should work just fine, I see no need for white pellets.

Did you try natural food?
They mostly eat meat but a lot of fruits and vegetables are suited for them and a 10-15% amount of them is good for your dragon.
Crickets, mealworms, roaches or even a mouse is something a fragon should not miss out on.

Wax and Butterworms are a good extra treat for them that can help with their training so they get used to be handled.

Just never give your dragon fish or meat pieces, like a heart or some cut offs - only whole animals of the right size and please no mouse that is still alive as they can badly injure a reptile with their teeth.

He is fed a very good amount of insects, fruits, and vegetables. But I've always had trouble feeding him food pellets, the only kind i could find are red or brown. Brown are invisible to him and he wont come anywhere near the red ones. i noticed he likes anything white and if small enough will try to eat it, So i figured i could try white pellets....Thanks anyway for the reply.

Might be a long shot, but have considered to simply roll your pellets through flour or corn starch?
If in doubt wet them first (slightly).

So far I have not seen any white pellets around here.

sounds like a very good idea ill be sure to give it a try ( after checking if flour is safe for bearded dragons )