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Beautiful sculptures made from pencils, part 2 Answered

While looking up more info about the pencil sculptures in thefirst post, I came across this exhibit from Faber-Castell's 100th anniversary. Once again it's cool to see what people can make with some simple materials.




10 years ago

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Nice, I haven't seen that link in a loooooong time. It must've been about a decade, at least.

Damn, that's some nice carving there! Thanks for posting that link...

Here's another head-scratcher:


Looks comfortable! :P

Cool art, I certainly wouldn't want to sit in the chair though :-)

To be honest, it brings back memories. I was tested in school years ago with a special battery of tests, and one of the questions was to write down everything you could use a pencil for. Most of the class came up with 2-10 things in the one minute time given......I was sorry the minute was up, as I was going to town, making stools, houses, wagons, bridges...... *sigh* all in my head of course, but it was that kind of imagination that was needed to do this too. :-)