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Before I Shell Out $20 for a PS2 Compatible S Video Cable... Answered

When I link up the S Video side to my laptop, I should be able to play my PS2 with laptop screen, correct? And this being so I would be able to record videos and take perfect screenshots?


Noooo :( I'll have to get a video card then. Thanks for your help. Maybe those cool HP Media Center PCs I see are input perhaps?

Hey, Try a pinnacle HD TV usb tuner, they have inputs... and no hp's dont have inputs

Not correct. The S-Video port on your laptop is an output, just as it is on your PS2. This allows to to feed either to an S-Video compatible TV or Display. If you can find one at a used computer store or rummage sale, a keyboard cable from an older Mac that used ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) it will work as an S-Video cable. This works out very nice since they were very long and coiled like old phone cords. I use one to feed S-Video from my old VCR down to the S-Video port on my 53" TV.

I have a computor with an s-video output but when I pluged it into a tv it did not show anything. Do you know how I could get it to work?

In most cases, you need to adjust your video resolution to 60Hz and probably 640x480 or 800x600 for American TV (NTSC). 50Hz for European (PAL & SECAM).

Hey! You're back! You were missed, LG.

I was about to say to this guy. I simply bought a svideo cable from the dollar store and cut the end off and connected a rca cable with a 470pf cap in line with I belive the luminance wire. Worked fine.

all you need is a video capture card... you can get models that are usb for about $40