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"Before and After" Pictures Answered

This "Fix And Improve It" contest, and many previous Instructables, has me thinking that it would be fun if  there was an option to split your first picture into two.  Show a "before" and "after" in the same space.  The idea has some limitations for instance, showing large room sized pictures would make the thumbnail too small, but I believe smaller projects would benefit from being able to show both aspects at once. 


In the new photo format, I think if there are only two pictures in a step, they appear as the same size. A simple solution could be to upload one before and one after picture to the intro step. Then they would be seen one on-top-of the other, as opposed to side-by-side, but still a good solution. My suggestion would be to start with the After picture, as it's probably more enticing to click on.

That's something that can already be done in any number of existing picture editors, so for this site to do it, it's a wasteful repetition of functionality.

If you don't have image editing software on your computer, you can download GIMP for free, or use Pixlr online.