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Beginner Arduino Basic LCD + rotary encoders Answered

New to Arduino, attempting to get basic programs working.

Whats the best way to include multiple sensor readings to appear on a LCD Arduino screen for user feedback. So the sensor readout on the LCD would switch to the most recent change of rotation. Code to examine or help in the right direction would be appreciated.




1 year ago

That is not really a basic task, more for the advanced classes...
For example in the Marlin code for 3D printers (free) you have multiple displays to choose from, same for input methods, from encoder over buttons to small keyboards.
I would start with something really simple, like getting multiple readings to show up on the display that change the value in real time.
From there create a menu structure to give the sensor refresh you want.
Of course you could also write the corresponding values into registers and include them in the refresh sequence for the display but again that would be advanced programming.
There are a lot of Ibles that utilise a display to show infos, might be a good point to start and copy ;)