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Behind the Scenes of a How-To Machine: Youth Radio Brains & Beakers Interview with Eric Wilhelm Answered

I was interviewed by Youth Radio, an Oakland-based organization that helps underserved young people learn how to make their own media, and David Pescovitz of Boing Boing about starting Instructables and running the business like a scientist. They took video and audio, and did a fantastic job of editing it together with cool music into the embedded video and audio tracks here:

From their post, B&BII: Behind the Scenes of a How-To Machine:

Eric is an MIT-educated engineer and avid kite-surfer. He started making his own surfing equipment and then writing about it online. Soon, he picked up a following. Other people wanted to share their own projects and create a Do-It-Yourself community. And so instructables was born. Now, Eric's running a business, but he still thinks like a scientist--isolating variables, making interventions, assessing data, and then starting that cycle again--to grow his enterprise.

In the first segment, Wilhelm elaborates on how he started the site and describes how it works.

In the second segment, you'll learn about some of Wilhelm's favorite projects on the site.

Finally, check our David's post on Boing Boing about Brains & Beakers: Youth Radio "Brains and Beakers": Eric "Instructables" Wilhelm and Pesco


well, well, You are getting all the attention you deserve! Good work!

Awesome, Good work Eric, I really liked the video !

WHOO! I saw my guide. Haha. Nice job!