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Being able to sort forum posts Answered

Can we have an option to sort the forum topics according to dates? It'll be helpful to find the most relevant ones.

I was surfing the "Free Stuff" category where I found tons of posts on the top that were posted some 5 or 7 years ago. Those are not even relevant!


At the top-left of the topics list are options to sort by date the topic was posted, by the date of the last comment, or a mix of both.

If that would work to anyones satisfaction people like me would not be asking for proper search and sort features year after year.
And as for the sorting itself, I don't see the options you mention anywhere.
Recent, featured, unansered and so on are the available options.
To my knowledge there is no working way to sort results in any useful form, like by date and time the comments were made.

You're right! That's such an obvious feature! Should have been there!