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Being an Artist in Residence at Pier 9: MORE IS BETTER Answered

My second one month term as Artist in Residence at Pier 9 was a blast, again. Now I’m back home, the jet lag is behind me and the making rush is replaced by the rush of “ordinary” life. Time for a short “retrospect”

What remained the same compared to the first time, is being torn between spending as much time as possible in the awesome workshop, interacting with creative soul mates (both AIRs and Autodesk/Instructables people, all very creative and very busy themselves) and the lures of San Francisco, a city that brings the whole world to one place.

What has changed that there is even more of the good stuff. When I did my first one month term as AIR, in July 2013, Instructables had just moved to Pier 9 and the workshop was brand new. Now the workshop is fully operational, with some more machines even. There is a very professional training program in place, with very good and passionate trainers, quickly learning you how to work with the machines.
In July 2013 we were 4 artists, Now, April-May 2015, fulltime and part time artist together we where about 30! That high concentration of creative people, with a wide range of interests and skills, really gives a vibe.

It is clear both Instructables and the Artist in Residence program thrive in the environment made possible by Autodesk. It is fantastic to see how this company believes in giving creativity the means to materialise in the widest range of projects. I’m very grateful for the chance to share in that.

I did five different blimp projects, two as workshops for children, which was absolutely great. I added five new sub projects to my laser cut advent calendar project and was able to make the advent calendar itself. Clearly, I have a lot of material for Instructables.

So more is better. To bad for me I can only come for one month at a time (because of family and work reasons). One month is terribly short and so is two months. I crave for more ;-)

Cheers and thanks to all you lucky people at Pier 9,

a.k.a. masynmachien


Very good program, I like to read about this

This program sounds amazing. Auto desk sounds like it is the perfect owner for instructables. They have really revitalized the site and their office is just plain awesome! I hope to hear more about your tinkerings :-)

Have a great day!

I keep reading about pier 9 an the fab things happening there. I cannot help but become more interested the more I hear about it. I look forward to seeing the new instructables

I always love to read about AIR's :)