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Believers: Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Etc.- Why DO you believe in God? Answered

Ok believers, I want to know why! WHy do you believe in God/YHWH/Allah/Gods/a Creator? This is not a debate/argument forum. I'm just interested in what got you where you are today (as far as your belief system goes). Note: Atheist, Agnostics, Skeptics- Please do not turn this into a debate. Don't dispute the "why" of someones faith. If you have sincere questions about what someone believes, or how they came to that conclusion, feel free to ask! If you mostly just want to state YOUR case, then go to my other "Why DON"T you believe forum". THanks.



8 years ago

When I see the incredible things in the world. To the vast, never ending cosmos, to the fresh dew on the grass in the morning, I don't see a simple scientific solution to it all. I see what God has given me.

Thank you! And you know what, I just got saved today too!

AWESOME!! Be careful though. Sometimes Satan seems to work harder to get a person once they are saved. Make sure you hang in there, and never quit growing in faith.

Thank you for your words of encouragement! I have my church, my friends, and family who will support me. And even people like you who give advice. As a Christian, I see things so much more clearly. I feel whole!

That's so great! Make sure that you lean on other, more experienced believers, as you grow. Nobody (that I know at least) is right about EVERYTHING, but sincere-mature CHristians will be glad to help you with any "bumps in the road". Take their advice, and check it against what scripture says. If you do that, it's hard to go astray. And be VERY mindful, that as you grow (and struggle a bit as we all do at times), there are likely others watching you, and possibly immitating your example.

Hmm that's a good question and i honestly am still 50/50 in my faith. Sometimes i don't know if God is there or not and it helps to think that i have a bit of protection with me with God but In all honesty idk if i believe yet

Most believers see at least some "evidences" of God in the world around them. Also, there are some pretty good historical events (even ones chronicled by unbelievers), that in my opinion point to the existence of a God. That being said, "faith" is still just that - FAITH. There are certain things we believe because others tell us, and it seems to be true, so we accept it. That's OK. But at least most Christians would tell you that to have "a personal experience with God", one must "make a leap of faith". And in my experience that is true. Those that sincerely seek Him (even with just a little faith), are often pleasantly surprised at the results, and consequently develope a deeper faith.

I don't know why I didn't see this earlier (and therefore reply to it), sorry about that.

My history is a little more involved read complicated and so to explain it best, I will need to burn a bit of space here.

I remember when I was but 12 years old. About to turn 13, and my parents were still "shuffling me to church", but at the time, I was becoming disenchanted with most of it, especially the questions that the man in charge could not answer for me. In my 13th year, I decided my life was not what a loving God would allow any person to live, and gave up on the whole idea.
I studied science; physics, chemistry, biology, etc. some through school, but a lot from books. Eventually, I found too many contingencies in the biological world to explain off as coincidence. But there was no way I would believe the pack of contradictions I was raised with....so, what's to do?
I started on crash courses in beliefs; weighing them one by one, and discarding those that did not meet with a set standard I had developed.

I ran out of major religions fairly fast. Then I thought, maybe the church I went to was wrong, and they didn't understand (at least, from my point of view), so I started looking at the Book, on my own.
And from there, I developed a strange understanding that hold today. It incorporates none of the "myths" I had encountered along the way, and yet, still held true to the book. I was still not a believer, but I was now nearly 16. I was sitting at the lunch table at school, discussing a point of Scripture with another student, and a friend of mine (who had never before spoken about the Bible to me, sat down beside me, and started to defend my idea.. Shocked, as I thought no one I had ever come in contact with, had these same ideas. The fact that a fairly major church, one that I had missed in my earlier search, held the same beliefs, shocked me to no end. Later, I would find a myriad of little churches that understood the same thing too, but all of them too, were independent of the church I was about to become involved with for a few years.
I have had too many, way too many indicators that I was on the right track from that point on, to not believe.


10 years ago

This is not a debate/argument forum
Please do not turn this into a debate. Don't dispute the "why" of someones faith

You do know people can't read "do not debate here"? =D

(turns it into a debate) I argue that people can read "do not debate here", but choose to ignore it out of their own ignorance! How dare they.

On the contrary! The request is in an obscure place and people hardly ever read the whole post before replying. There needs to be a better warning to avoid the bickering! Now admit you were wrong!!!1


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It's a fairly basic misunderstanding, but God doesn't get involved with watching car crashes and deciding whether to perform a miracle, or smiting people with lightning-bolts, AIDS earthquakes etc. God guides those who listen, and it's through those people that evil is confronted. Similarly it is through other people that evil is manifested.
Using absence of evidence of divine intervention to support an atheist perspective is as bad as holding up examples of divine intervention as evidence to support a theist one.


Respectfully, that points out fairly well what I said in another post. If we could FULLY comprehend the ability and mind of God, then He would not be "God". We have preconcieved ideas of "good and evil". We have a limited ability to look into the past and a VERY limited ability to look into the future. Philisophically we are often unable to distinguish between the ability to cause, and the necessity to cause. Amoung the main reasons Jesus was killed, was the fact that he did not fit the preconcieved idea of "Messiah", that the religious leaders had come to expect. If "God" has to fit my ideas and will, He's not much of a God.

You believe in God because you do? (for the purposes of the question that was asked) L

i beleive because thats how iv'e been raised i am know finding more and more logical proof for god (please kiteman i do not want to start an arguement on this thread)

A lot of us, who were raised that way, go through a period of doubt or disbelief. It's usually when God does not meet our preconcieved ideas. I'd honestly feel weird about serving a God I completely understood. It takes a lot of soul searching through the years to decide what we really believe, and how strongly we believe.

I have already had that period of my life... I started listening to lies in textbooks, I felt so disconnected with god I did not know what to believe, evolution or creatism. I decided to try to forget everything and go with a fresh start, I tried to answer the questions who am I, why am I here and what am I worth. I researched about creatism and evolution soon I found loads of evidence for creatism. ever since I feel more connected with the lord. I am still researching and I am figuring out more and more, while evolution is getting sillier and sillier

For me, it was not believing in evolution (although I gave it a fair shake, and see some truths within it), but rather it was personal selfishness. I'd look at hypocrites who claimed to be Christians, and say "At least I'm better than them!". I could rationalize almost any behavior I wished. I almost stopped praying. I definitely stopped behaving myself! Then I realized, that if the scriptures were true, then I was cheating God and myself, and I would not be able to make excuses before Him in judgement. I've tried to serve Him ever since.

well i am still fighting against it, but because of your PM i will try to be nicer. evolution ~~sucks~~ is not every logical and has turned people uʍop ǝpısdn

(and you?)

Ultimately it comes down to faith. I feel like history, nature, and something within us (soul/spirit) points us towards belief in a higher power. But a long search that determines what beleif system we choose, ultimately ends up relying on faith.

Strongly agree with you, especially that it is indeed a long search that ultimately is based purely on faith. I find that the more I see, feel, and experience the stronger that faith becomes and the deeper my relation with my God becomes. And while I believe in one God, I do believe we all can have differing perspectives and experiences with God and thus view God quite differently. (Does this make sense?)

As usual, Skunkbait, posting interesting and provocative questions to the unsuspecting denziens of Instructables...

It's not that I believe in God as much as I believe that there is a force/collective experience that we instinctively turn to to. As far as I'm concerned, even if there is no power beyond this world, there is a "God" in the sense that collectively and organically, humans explain what they cannot explain by looking to an outer (higher?) power. I'm not 100% that a God as described by organized religion exists, but I do believe that it is often necessary and helpful to turn to Him. It is possible that God designed the universe and designed us to automatically believe in or "invent" Him in some form. It is equally possible in my view that the universe happened because of the cosmic equivelent of hitting the Powerball three times, and it was the apes who turned towards what they called "God" who survived more, and so we instinctively believe. It is well documented that when faced with a life-or-death situation, people often survive because they are doing it for someone else's sake, to see their wife and kids again, or whatever. The same seems to be true of a belief in God: we do things that are good for the community and therefore ourselves out of a sense of "dduty to God."

So for me, I "believe" in a higher/outside power because sometimes one has to turn to an outside power to survive. Good things come from a sincere belief in... anything, in my experience, as long as it's a compass to keep us on track. Even if, while they do that, they help "god" help them. In the words of Paul, they "work out their own salvation with fear and trembling."

Regarding "designed us to believe": Ecclesiastes 3:10 or 11(can't remember which) "He has made everything appropriate in it's time, He has also set eternity in the hearts of men." I think that is why, no matter what, (right or wrong) man has always sought for a god, and a view at immortality.

I couldn't come up with a bible verse off the top of my head to support that point, but there ya go! I can only think of one or two verses without a reference anyway, but I guess I better make that number three.

It's right after the "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven" passage. I'll confess I probably would not have remembered it if I weren't a fan of the Byrds (you know, David Crosby, Roger McGuinn, etc.)

I always thought the Byrds wrote that up themselves until I got a chain email quoting it from the bible. Went and looked it up and there it was! Phillipinians 2:12, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (or close to... the song's a bit different), and now 3:11.

WHen my kids go hunting and kill a deer, I usually quote Eccl. 3:1-8. I let them know that there is an appropriate time for everything, then we thank God for the opportunity to feed our family as fathers and sons have done (well pretty much) forever. I know it's just hunting, but it's kind of spiritual too.

I know what you mean. Sometimes it's time. Other times not. The trick is knowing the difference. It helps keep us connected to nature to remember that (and say Grace... a habit all too many people are getting out of). Then hopefully we won't be wasteful of the resources provided.

That's pretty much the way I look at it. I am a thankful conservationist, but not really a greenie. WHen you've lived in a country where people are really doing "without", it makes you a little less cavalier about being so wasteful.

Indeed. My immediate family and I have lived pretty well off of the waste of others. For example, my aunt was friends with a guy that worked at a local steak joint. This place would order enough steaks to make sure they wouldn't run out, freeze whatever didn't get used that day in case they needed them as a backup to the next day's delivery, then they'd throw out the three day old steaks. So we all got free steak for a whole winter. Burnt junkmail for heat, ate free steak, and drank water from the public mineral spring.

Your family sounds JUST like mine!

Spooky! I thought I was the only person I knew who would sign up for extra junkmail just to make sure I had heat. Had to put up a second mailbox once...

Yep, I burned tons of junkmail to cut my heating costs, and we have our own spring. We've eaten a lot of meat that someone else was about to waste! WHen I worked for a university, I made/saved hundreds of dollars out of the dumpsters every month! I think I went 3 years without buying any new clothes (except shoes and underwear)!

Nice! One of the best investments I ever made was a good set of sub-zero work clothes. They make those January -2 Degree barbeques so much more comfortable. One habit I've picked up is that when clothes no longer fit or develop too many holes to save, a lot of the fabric is still great for patching other clothes. Mix that with heavy-duty denim, and the clothes shopping gets to be few and far between. One thing that really burns me is the fact that I get about 12 miles to the sock with my favorite workboots. So I'm pretty often in at walmart, buying packs of socks. Yes, I did actually measure it once.

My most recent "patch aquisition" is about 8 sq. feet of nice leather from a couple of discarded recliners. I'm thinking kneepads and bottom reinforcement for a pair of riding-jeans! 12 mile socks? Maybe go with thin dress-socks as liners and wool/cotton hiking socks for cushion.

Nice one! I reinforced the knees, shins, and backside of a pair of 501s with a few el cheapo leather wallets once. Worked well, but then again, I was using them for backcountry scrambling, not pavement abrasion protection. I'll have to see if I still have them around someplace, so i can post a slideshow.

i grew/and growing up in a Christian raised house, so naturally as a kid around the age of 7 i just believed him, i did not know much about God though. when i was around the age i could think for my self, i began to read my Bible a little. really i was bored and read it to pass the time. as i kept reading it i understood God more and more and what he wants from us. eventually i got involved in my churches youth group and that was it, i became a Christian, but i became a Christian because i wanted to, not because i grew up with a Christian faith.

My history is similar. But, I gave in to selfishness for about 3 years, after becoming a Christian. My excuse was, "Well look at all those hypocrites at church!". Or "I'll DO the bare minimum to get myself into heaven." A series of unusual events made me start praying again, and I saw that God was much bigger, and much more loving than I'd ever given Him credit for. I decided to spend the rest of my life trying to follow Him. 20 years later, I still sin and make mistakes, but primarily my heart is in the right place. I love Him with all that I am, and I try to love others as myself. Had I given over to "Situational Skepticism" back then, I don't know where I'd be now. I only know I would not have the spiritual peace I currently enjoy.