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Belt Organizer Answered


Is there any instructable on how to organize belts? We have more than 40 belts here at home, and they're just messy. When you need one, you need to remove everything that shares the same hook.

Hope someone can help!



A row of hooks across the inside of the wardrobe door?

A towel-rail fitted inside the door, belts draped over it?

A tie rack?

We are currently using a row of hooks inside the wardrobe door. It has around six hooks. The problem is, one hook holds 6-10 belts. When you need to get one, it's very annoying to remove all of the belts in the hook just to get one.

I was thinking of rolling the belts, like how they "showcase" it in stores, but I don't know how to store them or to keep them untangled or whatever. :)

Thanks though!