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Belt feed Answered

Does anyone have some kide of blueprint on how to make a belt feed MP. I have seen the examples of ones on howstuffworks.com but that isn't helping me much right now. I'm not really sure how I can belt feed it through. I am working with a P.A. Luty's 9mm. Can some one help me on this. If you have been able to make a belt feed system can you show me yours in photos. I think that would also be a great instructable too. I'm not to sure how to make a belt for 9mm rounds either. Instead of sticking with his design on the magazine I think it would be great to have a belt feed system on this weapon.


I have the plans in PDF. Of the gun that you posted a picture of (It is a hobby of mine to learn about homemade weapons mostly WW2), but it is not belt fed it is magazine fed. If you would like me to send you the PDF just PM me your email address.

can you send me the PDF i need it i am trying to make a automatic pistol or smg.....i already made a one shot pistol but i am trying to make something automatic...

My computer had a virus unfortunatly, but this gun design is avaliable at www.thehomegunsmith.com

na thats alright man thats where i got the picture myself i have alot of pdf files i would try to go through them but there are just WAY TOO MANY. but post me up sometime because im alwasy looking for new ones. kk thanks though.

Looks a bit like a TEC-9, surely smg's aren't designed for the punishment a belt feed system would create, like overheating, or screwing up the inners, I know the drum magazine's you can get for a AK47 aren't really healthy for the gun.

Not sure onn how other guns do it but how about a wheel that turns around a certain amount with each shot, the wheel itself pull the rounds through by holding on to them in a hooked fashion of some sort... Just an idea may not work.

Start with what type of belt-solid or disintegrating. Solid might be a problem because you have to unload the rounds, and disintegrating means making a LOT of clips (but much easier to feed). Look into WWI machine guns for design help.

thanks alot, I have thought about doing solid-belt feed because having that much clips its just way to costly but the solid jams easier then the disinigrating, at least i would think so. So I think i am going to stick with solid deisgn because only need one or 2 belts for that that would last a pretty long time , but ya i would have to keep reloading that and that would take forever but its not like im going to war so its not that bad to have disinigrating links though thanks for the idea.

Main problem is going to be advancing the belt quickly and accurately. You might be able to modify the bolt face with a slightly longer rod that would push the round out of the belt and start it up into the chamber where the bolt face proper would take over (the rod would have to slide under the barrel-possibly using it as part of the ejection system?). You would have to devise something that would grab the next round and slide the whole belt into position-not sure if a blowback is going to have that type of power avalible.

have you seen pictures of a .50 or .30 caliber belt fed. they use sort of an arm to grab the next round same with the .22 LMG only its smaller. they used a modified m14 I think though. and that is gas isn't it. not blowback it might work if I attach something to the blowback but it would be difficult to work. I haven't started yet so I'm not sure what I'm gong to do I can't really right now I don't have the money I have to replace a layth right now and those things can be a bit pricey. lol. sucks though. ya using that part of the ejection system might work I'll check that out when I start this project up.

Im not sure if this will help, but i dont think that there is any way for you to convert the open bolt blowback to beltfeed
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I know its only howstuffworks, but it shows basic design and function

I have an idea in my head on it there are just a bunch of few drastic measures I would have to change to the design to make it able to do the belt feed. just at the time I was wondering if anyone had some kind of idea that might have helped me but I'm good now its going to be hard but I think I can do it. thanks though.

best luck to you buddy. i wanna post a zip gun on here, after all, Everyone needs to know how to make a simple gun in a time of need.

ya I no about that place too thats what made me think of the idea besides the LMG-22. take a look at that weapon its got a good design to that as well.