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Bent Bike Frame Answered

Yeah, so, my brother bought a mid-80s Schwinn World Sport. It's a nice bike. I spent about 10 hours overhauling every piece of that bike. Unfortunately, when I got it all put back together and test rode it, the bike had a nasty pull to the right. Bent Frame. He didn't check that when he bought it (didn't know anything about it, I daresay). 

Anybody know anything about repairing a bent frame? The frame's tubes don't seem to be damaged or crimped or dented. 

I'm thinking of using a car jack and some straps to straighten it out. Any thoughts?


Oh, Just called the local bike shop, apparently they have tools to bend certain parts of the frame. Since this is an older steel frame bike with non-double-butted tubes (meaning, tube within a tube), it can probably be done for $30, by a pro. I'll gladly pay that much to someone who's done it before...I'll post some pics of the real bike later.

Where is it bent then?


Ha, yeah. It's hard to say. I checked it with a fancy frame alignment tool, and the back left dropout is 1/2" off where it should be. The wheel/hub fits in nice and snug like normal, so, the frame has some sort of alignment problem.

I noticed when I was overhauling the bike that everything was more worn on the right side, with the wheels being out of true to one side and the back axle bent ever so slightly, and didn't think anything of it. Now I know why...

The frame was only $50, and now I know why. Wouldn't be a big deal, its just that I spent a while fixing everything and would hate for it to go to waste.


The back left dropout might be bendable perhaps? If it's no good now I don't supposed there's much harm in pulling at it a bit?


A jack and some ratchet straps should be fine, although you will probably need to get some lengths of studding and/or clamps in order to get some leverage and to help get the different parts at the correct angle.

You might also want to look up techniques used for straightening ladder chassis', as these can probably be adapted to your purposes.