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Best Answers Answered

The new format on a members page gives a bare hint of Best Answers.

There are some of us who enjoy helping others and keep bragging score in exchange.

That germinated a thought at least one considered worthy of the forum.

Why not make it a soft-switch the user can activate by them for their page ?
Like that age thing we lie about.....



Well there is the small icon (the one with the question mark in the circle with a check mark overlapping it) that gives the percentage of best answers... but it doesn't tell someone how many best answers a member has.

In my opinion, they should just post a specific number of best answers and forget about the percentages. I never thought that a percentage was significant because there are MANY people that simply choose not to select best answers; and technically you become "penalized" in that percentage for every person (for whatever reason) that neglects to mark their questions as "answered".

Tried your question mark, it turned blue, then again it logged me out !
No hint of %...
The % was not so accurate before.  There was time I was sure a friend
was at 700 and sent a congratulation where he promptly informed me
he was 760 ! !
We get to hide our age or reveal it, Best Answer could be the same.


It turned blue and logged you out? ~ o_0 ~ I was talking about the circled portion on my page (shown in the screenshot below). Is that what turned blue? or are you looking at something else?

I would agree that this percentage isn't an accurate way to assess the precise number of best answers that a person has (but it is a hint of the percentage... mine shows 20%). ;-)

As far as revealing the number of best answer's, I don't have a problem with that being optional (but I'd also be surprised if people chose to "hide" it, but I guess everyone has a different point of view). Also, when you go to anyone's page and click on the "Questions" link (on the new left hand menu options), you can see the questions that a person was awarded best answer, so in theory, anyone could page through and add them up (so I don't see the point of hiding the number).

The whole thing (imo) is a little weird. They should just show the specific number (optional or not), and ditch the percentage (since that doesn't mean much anyways).


I see it now, they should not let me post. I'm embarrassed.
This was where I went wrong.  .  .  .  .  A


Don't feel embarrassed. The changes take time to adjust to, and quite frankly, I didn't think the whole "circle with a question mark covered with a checkmark" should be the "universal" symbol for best answers... I had to think on that one before I noticed the "best answer" text appear when I hovered my mouse on it. ;-)

BTW, you could modify your topic (you and I would probably be the only ones that would know). ;-)

Oddly enough, some time in the past ten minutes that changed. It now says "Best Answers %" in words, without the silly symbol.

I think big brother is watching... I could've sworn that the rollover text wasn't there at all (until today), and was going to suggest that they add it, and then all of a sudden I saw it was there...


Maybe it was the power of your mind...

Quick, think of suggesting something else!

LOL... Oh wouldn't that be nice. ;-)

Although I just came up with a couple ambitious "suggestions", so we'll see...

Strains of the closing music from Dr. Strangelove are wafting through my gray cells........