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Best Answers Count For 2011-04-08 Answered



7 years ago

I'm not even sure this is the appropriate place for this but I have reached 200 Best Answers. That pales in comparison to the the numbers put up by Steve,Lemonie and Re-Design, but it is a rung on the ladder.

. My computer crashed and I have just recently got the new unit online. Will be running check in the next few days.

No rush, I just hadn't seen you around for a while and I wasn't exactly sure how or if I was supposed to notify you.
Sorry about your computer, I hope you had everything securely backed up.

It beats out my "lucky number 13" LOL

They seem to come in short bursts for me. I'll sometimes go two or three weeks without any B/As and then get three or four in a week. Occasionally, I'll receive a B/A for a response I made months ago. One I received a while back was from a post made almost one year before.

I haven't been very vigilant with answers however... :-)

Im not on the list for some reason.

Can you put me on the list? I changed my name so I think it screwed the system up.

. Ibles handled changing your username in the group, but I didn't receive a notice so I didn't update the list the script uses. Change has been made to the list and you will be back starting with the next report.

Sweet! 34 only 66 more lol (like thats going to happen)


7 years ago

can you include iceng with 4 best answers?

. You're on the list! I look forward to sending you some patches.