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Best Answers Count For 2011-05-21 Answered


I forgot we still had Answers... I haven't made a single post in there in months...

I haven't seen a "lot" of questions in there.....I check it every day or so.....

There's anywhere between 5 and 30 questions on a given day...trouble is people rarely mark them answered.

New ones? Hmmm, every time I look (maybe I look too late?) they have already been answered or have loads of answers, none of which I can actually add any more info to.

lol - some of these guys are sharks, I must admit - I end up adding a lot of +1's...but my job is working on a computer, and my entertainment time is usually spent surfing...

I am just glad I no longer have 13 as the number of answers I have attributed to me. :-)