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Best Anwser Totals Answered

A couple of days ago I had a "Best Answer" to a question regarding suspending a kayak from a ceiling.   Today I find that BA was removed from my total along with the author's response.  It also seems that the question has been removed from the Answers section.  Can questions or Best Answer ratings be deleted by the author? 


Anybody can remove their own postings.

Authors of questions can change their mind about who gets "best answer".

Thanks, it looks like the question and everything pertaining to it just dissappeared. Maybe the author deleted his question.

That's kind of short sighted though, just because the question had been answered, doesn't mean that someone else couldn't have benefitted from the thread. Do people often delete their questions after they have been answered?

The author can "change their mind" about which is the BA, but if one was left, I don't see the logic to deleting the score from the person getting the BA just because they deleted their question.

It annoys me too when a BA is retracted for no good reason.

Not that I'm aware of.

More often, the questions get ignored and no "best" marked at all.

Maybe he is planning an Instructable based on your answer?