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Best Camp Pranks Answered

I am going to summer camp for 10 days, and I need the best dang pranks you guys can think of. I dont care what it is, just tell me.


overnight we put toothpaste in the eyes and put pepper in the hand


2 years ago

Well I uprooted a tree and planted it in their cabin...

I know that the camp is over

But you most likely take buses to the camp I just say clean wrap the bus on the last day or just clean wrap someone's tent

put mud on someones sleeping bag people will say you pooped!!

put shaving cream under there heads when they sleep

I go to a church camp too, and we like to pranks the guys. So last year, we stayed up un till we knew they were asleep and we put wood against the doors, we saran wraped the hole capin and put stuff in front of the windows. And finally we tee-peed their cabin. Anyways its a fun non-harmful prank.

P.S. In the morning at breakfast they said good job to us and they cleaned in up all by their selves!

When someone is taking a shower, take their towel and clothes and hide somewhere and video tape it when they are naked and run to their cabin or something. and at breakfast, ask if you can show a video and play the video and that will humiliate them.

Can you tell us where you're going and what it's like there - it might help for ideas. L

Ok, we are going to citta in new jersey. There are open spaces in the camp area (on dirt, not grass) and there is woods between each campsite. There are like 15 tents to a campsite.

OK, you've got tents and woods, that's good - start thinking of creepy stories / legends about e.g. Scuzzlebutt and see it that gives you ideas (I'll see if I can come up with anything before summer)

Immediately "Tent sabotage" springs to mind - pulling pegs, perhaps remotely with string.
"Latrine sabotage"?
Small bombs for camp fires?
Dried-egg secreted in wood for camp-fire (stinky)


Tell them jeff the killer and bring a picture

Thats old school, our troop hides the cots in trees, I need somthing very good, and funny.

Well, at least we know what you're not interested in (all of them?)


(chilli-laced TP?)

no they are all good, even yours, but I want really good ones to get them back.

can you tell me all about the locks and windows about the mess hall because in 64 days im going to citta and we are plotting to put up closed signs on the bathrooms, send out fake scavenger hunts. And a giant break in to the mess hall and hang the tables upside down cover the windows with tin foil add saran wrap to the doors and tape streamers to the ceilings and floors everywhere inside.

omg citta my camp group used to go there but about two or three years ago we moved up to a place in north jersey

Just a very simple set of little pranks my friends and I did:
1) We had a very, very, very long roll of string and wrapped it around just about every single thing we could in the girls bathroom until you literally couldn't move inside. It kinda look like a security system with lasers, but string.
2) We taped the toilet seat to the seat cover so when they lifted the cover the seat lifted with it.
3) We snuck into the main building of the camp and took some drink crystals, unscrewed the shower heads and filled them with the powder so when the showers were turned on, they were showered in a purple, orange and red stick mess.

the WEDGIE!!!

I know I'm really late but this is funny(: OK, so all you need for this prank is some saran wrap and some scotch tape(or duct tape). So you know how everyone is all groggy and can't really see that well in the morning?Well, take the saran wrap and wrap every doorway that you see and when the victims get up and try to get out of or in to the cabin/tent they will run into the saran wrap, thus causing laughter from everyone! Hope you try it(:

One time a group activity was going on at a camp I went to. My friends and I decided to prank some of the boys. We took there sleeping bags out of there tent and hung them in trees (make sure you don't rip there sleeping bags when you put them in a tree). We also put pine cones and rocks in there sleeping bags. Then we actually moved there tent to a different location. It wasn't that hard to move b/c we had more then I person. Then we TP'ed there tent. I know these are general pranks; however, they are still fun.

Take the batteries out of everyone's flashlights. Then hide them all in one innocent person's tent and wait until dark for the fun and anger!


9 years ago

For those times when you have too much time, Shift everyone's crap over one tent and send the first guy to the end. Hilarity when someone walks into the wrong tent. And, time permitting, do it again... and again... Until you get caught.

Cut the ends out of their socks and what them pull their socks up to their knees!! Fill the toes of their shoes with vaseline and sand. Squish and a mess to clean up. mix up everyone's clothes and shoes. No matches. As summer camp counselor for over 35 years, I've been involved with a number of pranks. lol. I guess that's why it's no surprise when I find my 2006 Mustang GT sunk in mud up to its hubs. lolol. Deb itching powder between the sheets.

Thanks. It's such a great pranks because one can never completely clean all the vaseline out of your sneakers. Don't forget the sand or whatnot. It adds a gritty feel to the vaseline. The last time I performed this prank, I found my socks were crazy glued into my sneakers. lolol. DEb

Giggle. I love it!!! Glue is such a great prank weapon. ;) ever tied anybody's shoe laces in tight knots and put a couple of drops of crazy glue on the knots? That's a standard college sorority house prank. lolol. Debbie

tee hee I done that also. Once I was with some people I did not know up in the mountains at a hotel. One of the other gals was wearing a new pair of canvas Keds sneakers without socks. She slipped out of them and placed them half way under the bed. I was alone for a few minutes with my tube of crazy glue, and the crepe soles and the carpet became one. Giggle. It was so funny watching her trying pry loose her sneakers. lolol.

I always like the "plastic wrap on the toilet". It's always good for a giggle.

you also got the underwear up the flag pole gag too. I dont know why but underwear is always a chuckle.

icy hot in someones underwear