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Best Hollowbody guitar on a budget? Answered

I am going to buy a hollowbody guitar from guitarcenter (or online if I can) and I need to know what is the best possibe guitar for a limited ammount of money. I do not want to spend over $300, and even that is pushing it. My grandpa has an Ibanez hollowbody as shown below, and I love it. I am looking into the green ibanez below, but it is ALOT of money too! What do I do?




Best Answer 6 years ago

Under 300$? Goooood luck! Ibanez Artcore are about the closest youll get without getting a used guitar. You should save your money and get a GOOD guitar, instead of the "cheapest possible" route.


Answer 6 years ago

these guitars are better than what I have. What do you consider good? Keep in mind that I do not have a job, because im 13, and I am not extremely good at guitar. The most expensive guitar I have is m Takamine, at $330


6 years ago

Consider purchasing a used guitar. A good quality used guitar will likely be a better purchase than an off-brand new one. Contact some music stores and pawn shops and take a look at what they have to offer.