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Best K'nex Gun Answered

PLEASE READ FIRST!!! I don't want to know what the best knex gun ever is, I would like to know the best knex gun for each section: Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, Machine Gun, Slingshot, Crossbow, Sidearm, Assault Gun, Semi-auto, Pump Action, etc...

Any section of guns that I did not list, add them. Please give links if you can. If you can't, just give the name.


I would advice you to simply search every of these words one by one and click on the rating button.

Yes, that was what I was starting to do so now instead of having the best gun for each type listed, I would rather have any gun type that I did not list listed here as an answer.

lever action, bolt action, turret guns, launchers(canons+bazookas), and perhaps pocket gun's and oodammo guns

in search bar type in srv2 its really good and cool

The ratings button no longer functions as it used to in the new instructables format.

 any of mine!!!! LOLZ

 Some of my guns. Or search the highest rated page... where you will just end up finding my guns......