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Best LOCAL Places/Stores For Electronic Parts.(Besides Radio Shack) Answered

I cant buy stuff online as of right now because I dont have a credit card (I am 15 gimme a break) BAsicly I am looking for the equivilent of Radio Shacks electronic componets section but a different store because Radio Shack doesnt have a good enough selection for me.I am looking for stuff like switches ,capacitors ,potentianometers ,rectifers ,LEDs stuff like that basicly.


Go to any convenience store and buy a prepaid debit card. Internet problem solved.

Furebert010 I just said the same thing to him a while ago.


9 years ago

Approximately where do you live? Have you got a "Frys Electronics" ? (they're probably about as close to RS as you'll get.) When I was young I'd do mail-order by giving my parents cash from the piggy bank, and having them write a check or otherwise pay for my order. That should still work for most sites; perhaps not the pyrotechnics chemicals or porn... :-) Alternately, I think that at 15 you can get a bank account with a debit card, which should work like a credit card for most purposes...

mouser parts are litteraly~100x cheaper than radioshack minimum shipping is like 5 bucks suppose you buy a capacitor for 5.50 at radioshack, you can get the same thing online for cheaper, and then everything else you order you could call the shipping "free"

Bah. Just part of the cost of doing business, like sales tax. Suppose the minimum shipping charge is about $7 (typical for UPS, IIRC.) So your order from Electronics goldmine for $5 worth of parts actually costs $12. This is depressing, but you probably still got more parts than the same $12 would have bought you at Frys or Radio Shack. (You do have to avoid those "one package of resistors" purchases...) And there are some vendors specifically catering to hobbyists by using 1st class mail to cut down on shipping costs for light-weight items (phanderson, nightfire, etc)

. Some electrical supply stores will stock electronics.