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Best Nerf Gun?...... Answered

I am on an epic quest... TO FIND THE BEST NERF GUN!!!   Plz tell your favorite gun and why, the most popular gun will probably be the best, so plz help me!!!


I recently got the Recon CS-6 (clear!!!) ant the Raider CS-35. They are both pretty good, except for loading. I bought 2 extra clips for the Recon and that has made a big difference!

if u mod the mav its good

yah i like the mav the best cuz its accurate, fast, powerful, and easy to reload

The NERF Longshot. It is incredibly accurate, easy to mod, and best overall. It looks sweet when painted and you can integrate almost any gun into it. It is also great stock. I use mine with a strap and a drum mag.

the nerf longstrike because it has 4 tactical rails and it can have any accessory and is accurate and powerful

the nerf raider because your opponent will be getting hit 2 times every second and because of the magazine capability