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Best OS for pc? Answered

I have just been given an old computer. I have installed 450mb of ram. The computer has an intel pentinum 3 clocked at 550mhz and I was wondering what OS would suit it.  some tips on how to increase the clock speed may help as well.

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Best Answer 8 years ago

For something that old, I can't imagine doing anything particularly slick with it, so I'd use it to get yourself really familiar with Linux. Try installing www.archlinux.org/. It'll give you a working Linux kernel and a shell, it's up to you to take it from there and build whatever you want in terms of user interface and applications installed.

windows 2000, its cheap, and is very compatible.  with a computer like yours there aren't many options, linux is ok but there are some things that you cant do with linux.  PS what kind of PIII do you have? i was able to overclock ne to 1024mhz  with just bios settings

How did you clock yours to that speed?

The only options I have in bios are


i have an abit BH6 motherboard, that board was and is great for overclocking, my BIOS has another option called !!CPU soft setup!! that allows me to easily control the multiplier and speed.  Are you on a branded computer?

well you could try and fsb overclock, using setfsb or clockgen.  you just have to find the code on your pll chip, it on your motherboard usually next to a crystal oscilator.  you could also try updating your bios either to a hacked one or a newer oem version. 

also just for refrence, my pIII was stock at 850mhz and the OC was not stable the bios would spit out an error and windows blue screened.  i was using windows me so it ruined the entire install. :)

how do i use setfsb or clockgen and where is the code if its on the actual cpu i can't do it because there is a fan jammed in ontop of it

Like my friends have said, Linux is your best bet. Linux makes good use of your memory, it is very robust and it comes in many flavors for your needs. In many cases you can find software that will work with files created with Microsoft machines.

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You'll likely have a hard time finding an old enough copy of Windows to function decently with that "little" memory.  You ought to be able to find a version of Darwin that can handle it, and pretty much any flavor of Linux will run like a demon (daemon? whatever :-).