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Best Paper Mache Recipie Answered

Hello, I was wondering what people have found to be the best paper mache recipe out there. I'm currently using flour, elemers glue, clove oil and water, but was wondering if there is a better recipe out there.


I only use water and flour, but I boil them.

100 grams of flour to 1,5 or 2 liters of water.
Boil until thick, stir continuously.


4 years ago

In our house are made ​​with flour and water


4 years ago

I use flour, water, salt, clove oil and white glue. I guess the only difference is the salt which probably isn't necessary with the clove oil since it is just a preservative also.
There is a recipe that also uses starch and drywall mud. My only reason for using another recipe would be for added strength. The glue adds extra strength so the recipe I use seems to work well.
You can also make a paper mache clay and put over it over top. It can be made with cellulose insulation, paper mache paste and drywall mud.

The "best" recipe is the one you have the makings for.

Traditionally, it was just flour and water paste. I've also used thinned-down wallpaper paste, as well as water plus PVA glue.

I use PVA glue 50/50 water.
If you can work with resin-for-glass-fibre, that would be quick and "crispy".