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Best Places to Sell Your Crafts Online! Answered

Feeling like you should be making some money for all those cooky crafts you've been making?

Craftaazar has put together two lists to get you started.  They even give you a description of each website along with what types of products that site specialize on.

84 Places To Sell Your Crafts Online
40 Places to Make Money Designing and Selling Your Own Products



7 years ago

If your looking for a place to sell crafts online you should also check us out. http://www.azcraze.com

We encourage community growth and believe that every small business deserves a fair chance. We only allow sellers from the US and our model is setup similar to craigslist.. visitors are shown products from the states they live in first with the option to shop other states if they wish.

Our fees are simple just $5 a month or $50 a year to list up to 250 products with no listing or product commission fees. You pay the monthly or yearly fee and keep 100% of your profits.

Need help marketing your products?
We offer an affiliate program that sellers can choose to participate in, you can even create your own banners that affiliates participating in your program can use.

Any questions email us support@azcraze.com, hope to see you soon!


Reply 7 years ago

The two lists you have posted on here do not work.


7 years ago

Another good place that is totally free (for the seller) is yardsellr.com. Note the last "e" is left out of the word on purpose. Buyers will have to pay a small fee for buying, but listing and selling is free.

Artfire.com is a great place, but they do charge. The fee is not large, I think it's less than $10 a month.

Check with small "boutiques" or consignment shops in your area. Sometimes you can place a few pieces there and be sure to have business cards made up to leave there too. You can get these very inexpensively at vistaprint.com along with a lot of FREE stuff. Always a good idea to put your business card in along with whatever pieces you sell so that if they really like your work or someone comments on it, they know where to find you. Repeat sales or recommendations are your bread and butter.