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Best Sealant for Rub n Buff? Answered

I'm wondering what would be the best product to use to clear coat the top of rub n buff. I painted a helmet with it, and I'm worried about it wearing off since it's beginning to around the edges. I love the natural shine that rub n buff has, and want to preserve that luminosity as much as possible. I've also heard that some of the clear spray paints out there react with the rub n buff. Just wondering if anyone has brands or products to recommend, thanks! 


Isn't it just a wax ? You'll struggle to cover it with anything I suspect.

That was what I was wondering about too, then I found this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Project-How-To-Make-An-Affordable-Steampunk-Helme/. I'll just follow their lead and use clear matte spray paint. Thanks for the response!