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Best Youtube Ad Ever Answered

Wario's new game is coming out on the Wii and here's the Youtube video for it.

Even if you don't now or care about Wario, check it out.

Wario on youtube



9 years ago

That was crazy!!!!

*What the bloody hell?!?!?* It scared me in the first place when I saw the whole you tube collapsing!


Oh, that was ultimate. I wonder how Wii got Youtube to do that for them?

they don't. it actually just takes a little trickery. scroll down the page and you will notice it's actually a channel. so you just need some programming skills! ;)

lol, I could have guessed that. I meant something more like, why does Wii get to do this? Why not anyone else? Maybe no one else thought of an idea like that...

This was already posted I think by jelly woo and wii got youtube to do that because its not a youtube video but a youtube channel with a thing in the background, notice no youtube.com/watch?v123456 or whatever