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Best choice of a scooter for elderly parent? Answered

Does anyone know of best scooters in the market for parents too sick or too old to move freely by themselves. Thank you very much for your help.


You need to talk to a local specialist in mobility scooters. Remember they still need some ability to operate and control AND may pose a risk of getting stranded if the user forgets to recharge every day.

I tire of these questions.
Consumerist global economy, and consumers don't have a clue what to buy...

How sick and immobile are your folks, can they move a joystick and see OK?


You are the last person that, I expected, to give an insensitive answer like that. If you were tired of questions like these with simply ignoring the question would be enough, you did not need to make it a "consumerist global economy" issue. I wish that you will never need to shop for your parents or anyone else that you love anything to help them in their last years.

Sorry, I did not mean to be offensive, my question was genuine at the end.

It's the vague-ness of the wording (in questions that I see every day, like "which (thing) shuld i get???")

For example, your folks might want to run a 5 mile round trip up and down hills, or they may just want to move around where they live. This should affect the choice of machine. A regular scooter may suit, but limited mobility may mean that the seating design is particularly important for getting in and out.

I work for the health service, we buy a lot of powered-chairs and I see (the bills for) customisation and patient choices to suit specific needs - someone knows what's best there, but then that's their job and they'll be asking the right questions. Rick' does well to advise asking a specialist, they would ask you for more information than you've given so far.


From experience, the 4 wheel type as opposed to the 3 wheeler.