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Best (for viewer) schematic editor? Answered

Hi all, this question shouldn't be to hard to answer... What schematic editor do you guys use to make "instructables friendly" images? Meaning images that pretty much anybody can understand, with little to no circuit experience. Eagle is a bit hard for the beginner to comprehend...


Here... a better explanation of what I am trying to do is below. I want my images (this will just be fore some simpler schematics) to be like the first image. The first is really easy for anyone to come across and understand. The second one (if you do not know a huge amount of electronics) could be very confusing for the beginner/novice. So I want to promote readability in my instructables, rather than confuse some readers with something they might not have the skills to undertand yet :)

Though the second image is better for those who want to really get into it, and it helps with larger scale/more complex circuits. I want to try to make it flexible and understandable, yet not too dumbed down for the EEs and such here :) 

*Images based off of this

Building-the-circuit.jpgScreen Shot 2011-10-31 at 9.44.01 PM.png

6 years ago

Impressive ! I suffer through every change before I can make it my own.

I still have a DOS machine running OrCAD and can tell you windows takes 7 more
mouse destroying clicks per operation. Yea I did Tango, Schema and a bunch of
others I'm just to old to mention. No problem with IEEE representations. At one
time I knew every 7400 and a lot of 74500 TTL pin outs by memory.

But the new power LEDs with integral heat sink type SMDs that change every
few months are annoying. I just won't do layouts for people who plan to use
ball pin arrays.

astroboy907 you have got to like them squiggly lines.

If you just want to make easy schematics for illustration and documentation, then the free schematic software from www.expresspcb.com works very well. It is extremely easy to use, especially for schematics that are relatively small in scope . It is what I have used for most of the schematics I have attached to my instructables

If you are wanting to get a schematic editor which also works for PCB creation, then it would be worth you time and learning effort to get something like Eagle.


6 years ago

I learned DOS OrCAD which is 7 times easier and quicker then
ugh windows orcad.

Now after a long suffered learning time to use CIRCAD which allows making
your own component symbols. I am reasonably able and happy with Circad.

Electronic component symbols are mostly universal except for the
crazy array of connectors and SMT power PCB devicas.


Im fine with the learning curves... I just need something that anyone can pick up and be able to undertand a schematic better then a novice being overly intimidated by a lot of weird symbols and squiggly lines :)