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Best garmin hiking gps??? Answered

I want to know the best garmin gps for hiking and the best place to get it. I want easy navigation, accuracy, cheapness, ability to upload free maps, and color. I was thinking garmin etrex 20. I'd also like the cheapest place to buy it, used or new.



I have a garmin E trex legend hck and it is really good acurate and easy to use

i have a Garmin GPS eTrex Vista HCx since long time (bought it when it came out) and i love it.
It runs very long (around 35-40h) on 2 normal alkaline AA-Batteries.
The X/Y-accurancy is good (with EGONS/WAAS around 2-5m) while the Z-axis is around 10m.
I also like the fact that the reciever is very good and even in dense foliage has no problem with signal (5/5).
It is not the cheapest thou... 170 Euros (more or less...)
But it can handle the free maps of openstreetmap.org very well.

It is not very well as car-GPS, but that wasnt the specs...

thanx, it helped alot
(i would never of considered an older model because im nubey)

Seems ebay has them for about the same price from a reputable dealer $160ish. New one guarantees a new battery, warranty, updates and it hasn't been abused by previous owner. Don't see any refurb units out there. Try your local hunting shops.

Does it have to be Garmin? There are other manufacturers, and you can get good apps for smart phones with GPS built in.

What happened to the good old days when you could tell the direction by looking at the sun and picking up a fallen tree branch to use as a walking stick? Now you are schlepping a whole bag of electronics and backup batteries to the woods.

Personally, I trust to a decent map and compass. Battery power and a mobile signal seem to give folk a false sense of security.

I don't know what the US is like, but British mountain rescue teams have to deal with more and more unprepared folk who went into the mountains with a bottle of mineral water and Google Earth, then get thoroughly lost as soon as they wander out of coverage or the battery dies.

I still go over google maps first because the gps will pick odd routes to go. No real stories lately except there will always be a city kid that escaped from their pack of summer campers and get lost in the woods needing rescue. Navigating the subway is the learned skill here.

yes, a map and compass would be in my back pocket

i'm lazy is what happened and i want to make my dad mad by telling him the right way