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Best knex assault rifle Answered

What is the best all around knex assualt rifle? I only have enough peices to make a Z35, so I need a gun with around that peice count.



8 years ago

Which one shoots farther, the zkar v2 or the tr 18?

i got the zkar further....

Mine never worked. Whenever I pulled the bolt back, it was fine. When I pushed it forward, the bullet plopped out of the barrel...
The ram never hit the bullet and the bullet lock stopped the bullet from coming out of the barrel. (when it didn't plop out)

The TR shoots farther and has higher capacity but ZKAR has faster ROF and better reload times.

Slide action tr kills all other guns in ROF. I know from experiance.

I'm building a TR where you pull the handle back to pull the pin back. It should get the same ROF as the ZKAR, if I can get the trigger working right.

Mepain made a custom tr-18? Where can I find it?

Go on KIchat and ask people there for images.

lol, ive tried all of those guns. I hate turrets, I'm not sure why... AR 4 V3's pin broke to easily, and the ammo almost always needed some "Help" to get onto the bullet lock. The ZKAR V2 was awesome, bolt broke if you shot it too fast tho. I like my new SR-25 (Sear rifle version 25) better than all of the above.

Never happened on my gun. You probably didn't put my mods on.

I put all the mods on. and rebuilt it twice. shot pretty far tho. really powerful.

I'm considering doing a remake of it that's better than what I already have on it right now.

Depends on your bands, firing pin, and other reasons.
But, as for overall, TR18 + Fin Ammo = ~300 Feet.

I never got 300 feet with my untangle and that was twice as powerful as my TR.

TR 18.

Try the ZKAR V2

ZKAR v2 or TR8.

Try my MAR, MAR-2, or MBAR. They are strong, semi-auto, and have lots of useful features but I'm not sure whether you'd have enough pieces. If you don't my MSAU is OK and uses less pieces.


8 years ago

zkar v2 or tr18

knexsayer of TR18 or ZKAR