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Best knex gun Answered

In your opinion what is the best gun judging by: *loading* *power* and *ease of use* Thank you!



9 years ago

ti`s donkykong no knex gun

well by other stat's I'm planning on making a very good gun with the help of dsman as he has an idea on slowing down the rubberband firing mech that i used a couple times. Power-It will use rubberbands of course but there will be quite a few different spots to place the rubberbands depending on how stretchy they are or for just customizing power although expecially seeing how i'll probably use connectors it won't be super powerful like a sniper but as powerful as you can make it... Accuracy-Honestly I'm not sure how well I'll do here but it should be completly accurate horizonatally just not vertically...if it's like my STG44 then it will have an "arc shot" so that it fires slightly upward in an arc for a longer distance Magazine-I'll make another easy to detach magazine that will hopefully hold a good amount of ammo but also should hold a little extra when loaded directly into the gun. Shooting options-If dsman is able to come through for me then it should have a full auto option with no worries...hopefully otherwise it will still be semi auto with a big burst option. Looks-I'll most likely base it off of some cool looking assault rifle. we'll just have to see how it turns out I guess. And honestly I'm not completely sure this will turn out the best but hopefully it will be a great gun.

plz can you tell me when your done or if you fail, because it sounds like it could be a extremely good gun (and pics when your done aswell)

lol this is nearly a year old we never really got off on the idea.

Oops, I assumed your big comment was the recent one so ignore my other comment.

killerk's SR-V1. its accurate up to 50-75 ft and can shoot 300 ft, depending on your rubber band.

To tell you the truth I am not sure but my favorite gun that I have built right now is mepain's sniper and this is the 5th time I built and also the most succesful. It is the most powerful rod shotting gun (besides oodalumps cannon 2.0) that I made and it is simple to build and use. I have done a few things to it to increase it's performance like : PROBLEMS-When you load on too many rubberbands the front of the gun tends to bend upwards whicj results in the bullet losing power. To fix this I wrapped tape around the front of the gun and added a rubberband that pulls down on the front of the gun. I used #64 rubberbands on it and I have different chains of them. I have one chain of 4 one of 3 and one of 2. It can shoot straight through a cardboard ox and still have power when it comes out and better belwive it I was so amazed when it did that because al the other times I built it it could only go through one side or not at all. Here is a picture of what my gun looks like now. There is laso a picture of oodalumps sniper cannon but I am voting for mepain not the cannon.


your gun is nice realy but do u use sharpened or no sharpened rods ?? mine shot a crack in a plestic bowl and it goes also try a shoebox but then not sharpened and i dont use any tape only knex and it doesnt bend its fairly easy to reload but you need muscles :D

-The rods are not sharpened -Mine snapped one of those knex panels in half -It went right through a shoe box -It works without the tape, I put tape on before I used counter rubberbands -I do not think you need muscles because the rubberbands are really easy to pull back but they have alot of power.

if you have a lot of them it gets realy hard to pull back and the more rubbers the more power couse mine doesnt work with speed motion but with reaction motion with 2 knex rods against each other then you dont need the power you are talking about but the power of motion and the paower has to stay till the end it not always works the same with evry knex gun i made 3 different parts that react on each other and thats why it shoot that hard :)

I know it gets harder to pull back with the more rubberbands and also that you get more power. I am not entirely sure about what you said, it did not make much sense. I AM ON MY Wii.

well if you would think a bit it would :p but i figured a litle time ago that my rifle also has limit irepower :s the trigger breaks off then :s maybe its just dured but yeah it still has mutch power :p

Speed motion? Reaction motion? Sorry but I still do not get it, it might make sense in your head or other peoples but not mine.

well reaction motion is when 2 objects or more hit each other and speed motion is when it is build for going fast thougt is was plain simple :s sirry for that then

i like my rifle, easy to load, easy to use and fun to use because of the hammer mec on it, and lot-o-power. i mean LOT-O-POWER- IT SHOOTS THROUGH CARDBOARD FROM 10 FEET AWAY! also it holds and uses the deer slugs i thought up.

*lier! not your rifle! its tomboyrmes!

that rifle horrible just like ur p90


10 years ago

i think its my own gun didn't posted it yet couse the shoulder piece is not finished it has mtuch power and a nice mag loading system but mods have to be placed on it and then i think its the best gun ever made :D ps : im not selfsentered