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Best material for an rc car body? Answered

I bought a nice futaba controller set from Hobby Town USA and built a RC Hovercraft with it. It was a failure, so I took it apart. I now would like to tackle something easier, like an RC Car. There is less worry about weight on one of these, like there is on a hovercraft. What would be the best material to use to build the frame? I was thinking PVC, but I'm no expert.




Best Answer 8 years ago

You could build it out of square wood dowel.  It can be cut accurately with a hand saw, and glued with a good, strong wood glue.  Reinforce the joints with pieces of thick card stock.  Build a "skin" for it with more card stock.

That's a good idea! Thanks!


Sheet Metal.


Nah, I'm not much of a metal worker, and fiberglass is a bit expensive I think. Plastic may work, though. Thanks for answering almost all my questions too!

fiberglass and carbon they are a bit ear what about perspex/plexiglass

I once built something like that out of aluminum. If you know how to work with aluminum that's the way to go.

Sorry for the late reply... I'm not much of a metal worker. I know how to solder electronics and that's about it. Thanks anyway, though!

I'll suggest card & glue. If you use epoxy you've got a lightweight tough composite, a bit like carbon-fibre, but actually carbohydrate-fibre.
Easy to cut & shape, easy to assemble.


Heh... Carbohydrate fiber. That's funny. Thanks for the idea.

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8 years ago

I used to build slot cars using brass tubing.  You can solder it together into almost any configuration you want, it comes in a myriad of sizes and shapes, there are ready made suspension components and it is available in almost any hobby shop.