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Best metric drill bit set for metal? Answered

I've switched over to everything metric, but one problem still remains: I can't find metric drill bits. Is there a good set of metric drill bits that are on par with Dewalt's Titanium or Cobalt Drill bits? I mainly work with stainless steel and 6061 aluminum. 


If all else fails, ask a British 'ibler to help you out and send a box over when his mom visits his sister in Florida next month.

Don't know where you'd find one of them.....

What increment/sizes do you need ? My professional sets start at 1mm in 0.1mm increments up to 6, then 6 to 10mm.

We buy a lot of our stuff from http://www.mscdirect.com/ - and since the UK arm sells almost exclusively in metric, they MUST have the things in the US too.


Hmm...I was looking at these from Chicago Latrobe. 1.0mm - 6.0mm in 0.5mm increments seems about right, although it would be nice to have them up to 8mm as I sometimes use M8 bolts. I could always just buy an 8.0mm bit though.

That's a heck of a price for 11 drills.



Forget the "gold oxide", it doesn't make a right lot of difference.

Do you really need to use cobalts ? They're a lot more brittle than HSS, Cobalts are great if your're working with stainlesses.

And a UK offer.

That first link is looking pretty attractive. I currently work with a lot of 6061 aluminum(or aluminium as you gents call it) but I have upcoming projects that will require some SS work. Will those HSS bits work with SS?

Take it easy on SS, and use a GOOD HP lubricant for drilling ops on stainless - it makes a HUGE difference. We use a local product called "Rocol"

DON'T drive the drill too fast - work out drill peripheral speeds at 20-30m/min with HSS, and PUSH the drill - if you don't, the metal work-hardens and takes the end off the drill.


Gah! $11 shipping from just a couple states away. Are these things made of depleted uranium or something?

One of these things that, if you buy enough, they ship free, certainly here.
Shame though

Google lets you find any information but Amazon lets you find any product. What you're looking for should be in HERE somewhere.


5 years ago

Chicago-Latrobe makes the best drill bits I've ever used. Though I don't have any in metric sizes, I know they make them.
You can get them from most high end tool retailers and even Sears carries them, or they used to. Grainger's also sells them.
A word of caution though, I keep mine in a safe along with all my gold bullion, they are expensive.