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Best motor for speed control - ( low rpm - spin 1Lb of coffee) Answered

I'm looking for a motor can have its speed varied, down to 1 rpm if needed and that can be done with a simple circuit. I'm building a coffee roasters. I hear that AC induction motors are hard to have their speed changed. The load will be about a pound or so and the motor will spin a cage full of beans over a heat source.  I dissasembled a bread machine and the motor is induction which I have heard is not able to be accurately speed controlled. 

DC or AC? 

I've seen electric drills used to spin the bean cage. What about a treadmill motor? 



For that weight and that speed you only need a very small motor, but lots of gearing down. I don't know where you are in the world - its offered for your profile for reasons just like this, to make recommendations of where to get what you need

Rotisserie motors would probably be ideal.

Try your local Loewes or Home Depot for something like the rotisserie motor then - good longevity, low price.