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Favorite Movies? Answered

What do you think is the best movie/movies ever made? My favorite movies are Avatar, Lord of The Rings 1-3, Star Wars Ep. 4, 5, 6, and 3, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Harry Potter 3 and 6, Advent Children, Forrest Gump, Spiderman 2, The Sixth Sense, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Back to the Future and many more i cant think of at the moment cuz i feel like i might be forgetting some movies.


In addition to the ones listed already, I think "Memento" and "The Prestige" are both excellent.

Ive only seen 1 rated R movie Gran Torino

"Aimed at grown-ups" doesn't have to mean R-rated. It means that there are going to be big words, complex dialogue and ideas, and situations with subtleties or emotional effects for which you don't have the life-experience to fully understand.

It seems that you have seen very few movies.  How can you expect to support any claim about "best ever" if you don't have any comparative data?

"I think the best car in the world is the 1988 Ford Festiva!"
"How many cars have you driven?"
"Just that one."

Think about that conversation for a while.  Then come back to us after you have mofe information.  Start with the AFI Top 100 to begin with, then work your way through NetFlix's top 100 in each of their genres.

ive actually seen over a hundred movies, its just hard to remember them all

well i think ill just change it to favorite movie


8 years ago

According to your list, you've just about buffed smooth the surface of "good movies." 

The Best Movie Ever Made is highly subjective and is different for almost every person (though like-minded people will often agree).  In addition, a person's idea of the best movie ever will often change as new movies come out, and they watch more movies.

I have no idea what the best movie ever is.  But maybe I'll find out someday.

Yeah i should probably change it to favorite movies

That'll work.

OK, I'll pick a Random Favourite for you to seek out and watch.  Hmmm.

Blues Brothers.

Yes!  Start with that. :D

Oh ive heard of that, my turn hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm, OH! Flyboys

There are many best movies in my book

- the godfather
- starwars (the three last in the saga)
- pulp fiction
- reservoir dogs
-inglourious basterds
- jeux d'enfants
- amelie poulain
- Day of the dead
- Dawn of the dead

And alot others that don't spring to mind so quickly

yeah same here i cant think of some movies i know i like, i havnt seen any of those except star wars and my dad has seen inglourious basterds

You really should. They are really good movies.

It's a great hobby by the way. Watching movies.

I currently have a collection of 376 movies at home and I have seen every single one of them. And every time I see a good movie come out I go watch it or if I'm not sure about it wait t'ill some truck accidently let's them fall of the back if you know what I mean ;)

But with so many movies you quickly realize there isn't such a thing as a best movie ever. And when you ask for one favourite I honestly couldn't choose...

yeah same here, its so hard to decide, like i cant decide wich i like more Avatar or Dark Knight, i mean one has a guy dresssed up as a bat fighting a guy with half of his face burnt and a messed up Clown, and one is about a guy who turns into a really tall blue monkey who should wear more clothes, how can i choose which is better