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Best of Instructables Craft Section Start Preview Answered

Check out the start of the Craft section of [Best of Instructables Book with an introduction written by Randy.

More previews coming soon!

See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.


Perfect elocution.


I can't wait for the book, especially because I get a free copy =D

Very Nice !! i loved how you described the community !! cant wait for the book !!

This is really good! I can't wait for more previews!

That was very well-written Randy! I already know that this book will be like no other. I can't wait!

I dare Randy to walk up to a real Navy SEAL and say he is craftier than a Navy SEAL. Go Army! I'll be sure to add the book to my collection.

Navy SEALs aren't Army! However, I almost said Army ranger :-)

Just having fun with the Army-Navy thing. Soldiers are the original crafters to find 1000 uses for duct-tape(100mph tape as we call it because of the sound it makes when you rip it off the roll). Many of the mods that Special Forces, Army Rangers and Navy SEALs come up are pretty ingenious and sometimes have civilian applications that we can use.

"(100mph tape as we call it because of the sound it makes when you rip it off the roll)" Really? I was always told it was because of it's frequent use in NASCAR for holding damaged bumpers/panels on etc... The ones I sell by 3M even have NASCAR signage on the packaging.... Have I been lyed to? LoL... ;)

Kiteman does an excited little clap.

Because I am bizarrely eager to see the book, and releases like this bring it closer.

Ahh, sadly I've lost the eagerness of youth. Weep, weep beyond time for this earth of hours.

I too must have interpreted your original post as an underwhelming response to have not been selected to be in the book. But "Chin up, old chap, we'll all get in there next time..."

Looks good so far. Can't wait to get my book!