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Best of Instructables - Magnetic Fridge Lights Preview Answered

Check out this Best of Instructables Book preview of the Magnetic Refrigerator Lights.

Are you ready for 100 more like this? I am.

See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.


>Rubs hands in expectant glee<

*Copy me…

Get your punctuation right please.

Copy me.
Or this?
Copy me...

haha it's actually a different symbol

FAIL I am copying Mike, for the time being. :P

Well, next time, make sure you get it right ok?


9 years ago

May I please receive a copy of the Instructables Book as an honorary member?

I think ll.13 should receive one, hes a very valuable, and contributory member. :D Also, he was very polite.

*Looks good!

Thanks a lot for the kind comments, folks. It means a lot to us -- the editors and designers working on this. It's been challenging, translating the web to print, but the authors and Instructables staff have been so helpful and intent on making this thing great. We're psyched!

Is that what the book would look like? COOL!!!

I really like the layout. And the image notes make a lot of sense the way they are. :)

wow nice job! cant wait to see it for real!

That's sweet, it's a brilliant conversion of the instructables format to a paper layout. I'm liking the comments too.