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Best place to find/buy a cheap, high efficiency generator? Answered

I have to build a small wind turbine to generate electricity (highest voltage is the goal).   I'm wondering if anybody in the community would know where I could source the most efficient generators possible for price points of around $30 $50 and $100?




Car dynamo or alternator although they need to turn at about 3000 RPM

Well a car dynamo is certainly something useful but i agree tht it might not be the best choice coz of the small size of the wind turbine.

Hmm my turbine is supposed to be a scale model with a propeller diameter of only a bout 8". I'm assuming this would not be able to run the alternator nearly fast enough.

This is "research", buddy. Just because I'd like to come first to people who have done it and enjoy sharing their knowledge for others learning. And I also asked a quite more specific question than what would be addressed in the instructables you linked me unless I had hours to look through all of them.

I know how to use search and I know how to use google thanks a lot.....Jack A.

Thing is, they DID do it already, and DID share it, in long, well documented projects. Doesn't make much sense to post it twice.

I understand that, my main question is only where I can source theses parts that's all. Where I can buy new/used generators cheap or what commercial products I would be able to take apart that would use a very efficient suitable motor.

I will look over the other instructables to see where they sourced their parts.

The quick answer is there is no 'quick, easy, cheap, good' source for surplus dc permenant magnet motors. HENCE why people build their own out of enameled copper wire and neodymium magnets.

I found this useful article on the different type of motor one can use for a wind turbine and some info about relative efficiencies for anyone who's interested:


Efficiency is high magnetic flux density, from minimal airgaps, and a highly efficient magnetic circuit. High flux comes from good magnets, Neodymium-Iron-Boron are the best at the moment.

Alternators are always more efficient than dynamos.
Low resistance windings and high output voltages also help.

>>> look in the related ibles. There are several on MAKING your own. It will be the cheapest way to go.

The only reason I haven't committed to making my own is because I've been told that I won't be able to get nearly the efficiency to a purchase motor(generator)

....the rest of the turbine I was planning on constructing myself (Propellers, rotor, mount). I ill be purchasing gears belts/pulleys, and bearings. This is also to take time constraints into account.

The ones on here are very efficient. If you can build to any reasonable tolerances, it will be great. As for finding a motor, you'll spend a lot and get a little.

Ahh I see...Thanks for the advice...I'll look into what it takes to machine a generator of high efficiency.

stepper motor then

Ah great thanks Ill try some of those I got from printers