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Best place to get vinyl lettering for console panel/button labels? Answered

I'm trying to find best way add labels under buttons for my DIY electronics project. I've been filling laser etched letters with acrylic pain, but it's huge pain in the arse.  So I'm thinking of using vinyl letters instead. Has anyone used any services that can do small custom letter on the cheap?  Any recommendations?




I'm interested in this thread too!! Very much so!!

I want to put lettering on the face of a custom metal face for a push button.

It HAS to match the current size and font of the existing lettering on the Electronic Component. It is a Vintage Stereo Preamplifier and the manufacturer is out of parts for it so they can't help (or just don't want to because since they can't just supply one part, they're not going to 'tool up' just to do two pieces.) THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! PS. I checked into letraset but it won't work if they won't allow me to pick my font & size. tia, Professor_Brown :)

Try SmallLettering.com. They cut vinyl down to 1/4"; 1/5" if all caps!


5 years ago

Thanks. Letraset was best suggestion, but they are very expensive and don't allow me to choose my own font. I guess I'll keep on pain filling laser etched letters :(

Hi! Please let me know what you come up with. I replied to Kiteman in hopes there's something like letraset but will allow me my own font & size. THANKS!!

Local sign maker should be able to cut them for you at a reasonable price.