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Websites selling small electric motors? Answered

I am starting an electric go-cart(ish) project thing, and was wondering where I might find the best site for moderately cheap and decent electric motors? (Looking for a motor in the 250-500 watt range)

I will be making my own drive train,gear reduction etc, all I need is the bare motor.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Check out tncscooters.com

Ebay is by far the most likely place search for 12 or 24 volt motors. there are plenty although it may depend on what you call "cheap"

Otherwise try a local mobility shop they may have broken or spare scooter motors available - There usually have a gear box attached which you may or may not want to use.

I was trying to do this about a year ago and found nothing on the internet with that size motors except for razor electric scooter motors on ebay and mobility scooter motors (most likely need to buy with the scooter (second hand from auction for under $100)).

Don't know where you live, don't know how much money you can spend, whether you've got use of a credit card, you don't say whether or not you want 12/24V or what sort of drive-train you're thinking of.