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Best steampunk case mod to date. Answered

You may have seen this, its been all over the internets.

The thing itself is over 8 foot tall.
There is all sorts of bits added, and some have a practical use, e.g. the power button made from a discreet brass valve.
To top that, it is also stuffed with the latest high end gaming gear.

If i wasn't a Mac user, i would most probably be drooling right now.
I think i would have preferred an orange glow, but green is good also.

The said item was created by, Dana Mattocks

Head over to this flickr set to see it all.

Heres to you Dana, for showing us all how its done.

Via Giz


You give that back to the Doctor right now! How the hell will he run the TARDIS without it! Jaw-dropping-awesomeness!

Well, that's such an obvious question I'm surprised no one else (including me) thought to ask. I think that maybe they've only modded the case so far. L

I think you can see the screen in the bottom-right of the second photo here. Looks like a standard LCD.


9 years ago

8 feet tall? Egads! That's not a case mod, it's a steampunk sculpture that happens to have a working computer inside it. I hope those gauges show network usage, core temperature etc.

I agree. It's like they wanted a steampunk monument, got together to plan it out over a couple of beers, and it sort of got away from them a bit... Still. Not my thing but I approve.

wow. way cooler than my wooden spire mod...

Wow! This is one hell of a case mod. It definitely looks like something out of a sci-fi movie or TV show. I'm not really digging it as a case mod though, mostly because it's WAY too big. Slap a small TV and you can turn it into a media centre PC with room for a VCR, TiVo and a Blu-Ray player if your computer can't play Blu-Rays. :-D

I dunno about all of that.

Looks a bit like a pub / restaurant fitting or film / TV prop. Very nice to look at, a lot of work gone into it, but wouldn't fit in my house. Bet it won't even make tea or toast... L

Really. I hate Steampunk, cyberpunk, chronopunk, and all other -punks.

You have invented anti-punk-punk! Congratulations, here's 1 minute in MS paint!


I can see what you mean. I'd rather have a nice clean metal case than this. Regardless of taste a lot of skill went into this.

This is why im a fan of apple, nice clean, simple, a lot of thought into making it simply nice. Not to mention the large use of high quality recyclable materials.

Regardless of that, you have to admit alot of skill, and time went into this.

Oh, definitely - while it's not my thing, the hard work of the creator is evident.

This is not the greatest, merely the biggest Steampunk mod. It looks like a bunch of different steam punk objects nailed to a bunch of boards. The drives aren't even vaguely hidden.

That looks really cool! But maybe a bit over decorated...?

but..... what is it?

PC CASE! o god that pc is huge!!!

Wow, sweet.


9 years ago

Seems a bit of a waste to use up all those Steampunk goodies for one project. But, I do admire the time it must have taken to make this!

looks realy awsome but im one for smooth sides not steampunk but still looks cool

- and there's so much of this which is non-functional decoration it's giving me the feel of a gaudy Christmas-tree. L