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Best tool to use to cut off silver-weighted knife handles? Answered

Ok so I have a project from time to time.. I find sterling silver .925/1000 knives that have weighted handles.  Weighted means that the handle of the knife is a covering of silver surrounding a filler (ceramic, plaster, resin, sawdust) and the filler keeps the stainless steel blade in place.  

I currently use a Dewalt bench grinder with a abrasive blade attached to slice open the silver handle and then I have to split it open and break out the filler.

I have heard of a Diamand bladed tile saw.. I have no experience with one.. any suggestions?


Are the knives worth less than the metal, or are you using the silver for something better?


Lemonie: I am using the silver for something much better.


6 years ago

Use a Map torch 3160ºC to melt silver at 962ºC
Your destroying the implements anyway.


I was thinking torch also. If you want to recover the silver from the fragments its probably the most thorough way. Heat it all up and pour off the liquid metal. The only problem might be if there is some other low melting point metal in there like aluminum or zinc or lead or tin. Then you might end up with an mixture instead of the pure silver, but its a better place than where you are at. Make a crucible and just melt it all down and then pour it into forms.

Vyger: thanks for your reply, I am ending up with a lot of "silver solder" that I am keeping seperate from the rest.. Any uses or places that would pay for this you can think of?

A Dremal with a reinforced cutoff wheel is all you need.

Mpilchfamily: I tried those in the past and they do not last long enough. I also have 500 handles to do at a time...